Monday, January 9, 2012

Design Autobiography 1

My wireless mouse is an example of good design because of its style, ergonomic form, and dual functions. It serves its function well as simply a mouse, using a nano receiver that is small enough to store in a computer's usb port, versus having a cord that can get in the way. The front panel of the mouse serves as a hatch that can store the nano receiver as well as the battery.  The contours of the mouse fit your hand perfectly, using a velvety soft material on the sides. This particular mouse comes in a variety of patterns to fit each individual's personality. I feel as though this object represents my design style because it is beautiful in style, sleek in form, symmetrical and comfortable. It is everything a well designed object should be. 

Culturally this object represents an advance in wireless technology that allows our society to be more productive and able to bring our work wherever we go. It symbolizes the pursuit in technology to continually become smaller and more convenient.

Sub-culturally, this object could represent injustice for the factory workers in China that had to assemble this product for a less than fair price.