Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Container for Twelve Twigs


Our assignment was to make a container for twelve twigs, using 12 sticks no more than 18" in length, paper, and a binding agent.  In my first prototype, I simply broke off twelve twigs of descending lengths and used metal wire to bind the joints together.  I used sturdy white paper for the base and vellum for the surrounding paper. After making this prototype, I decided to make my project look more refined by using a saw in the wood shop to carefully cut the extra growths off of the twigs and to cut the edges of the twigs more smoothly. I decided to increase the slope of the walls by increasing the variation of the twig lengths. I also used hot glue to bind the sticks together, which looked more finished than using wire to bind the joints. In my second revision, I didn't use the white base, which distracted from the translucent quality of the vellum, however this made my structure less sturdy. I also took away the excess twigs I glued to the bottom of the structure and used them to increase the length of the walls, which emphasized their descending nature. In my final model, I used vellum as the base to add support, but not to distract from the vellum used for the walls. I also used nails to connect the joints of the twigs and moved the walls of the structure closer together to expose the joints.  Second Revision

 First Revision

Original prototype on left, first revision on right

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