Monday, September 26, 2011

AAAH! Public Speaking?!

Preparing for my speech on the D.C. museums, I was a bit nervous since I don't really like public speaking.  However I think I did a good job last Wednesday considering my nerves. I believe I had an effective organization and delivered well, perhaps not as well as I practiced the night before, but still good enough that I got my point across in a way that flowed and was easy to understand. I think the presentation by the speaking center was very helpful, because I have never really delivered a formal speech before and their 5-step process gave me a means to put my thoughts together without being overwhelmed. I didn't visit the speaking center before my speech, but practicing in front of my roommates helped me a lot in preparing. I tried not to over think my speech, so I didn't want extra thoughts floating in my mind once I satisfactorily practiced my speech a few times. I think that next time I give a formal presentation, I will try to go through transitions more in order to connect my ideas in a more fluid way.

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