Sunday, November 13, 2011

Signage Precedents

This example is the "info lock" system from APCO Signs. The idea is that there are several interchangeable tabs behind a hospital sign that allow doctors and nurses to display information regarding the patient. There is a security button under the sign which allows only authorized personnel to change the information. Even the background of the sign and the finishes can be changed. I thought that this sign was brilliant because it an easy to understand system and it is more efficient and better looking than just posting these pieces of information on the door via paper or whiteboard.

This example of architectural signage is from the Edinburgh Children's Hospital. The main sign displaying the name of the hospital is spelled out using building blocks and this theme is continued with block-like sections covering the entire facade, with whimsical animal images on each one. I liked this use of signage because it makes children feel less scared to go to a hospital when the exterior is friendly and playful.

I find glass signs inspiring because light can pass through, reflections draw your eye to them, and they usually are very clean-lined and modern looking. A glass signage system would give a business an overall sophisticated feel.

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  1. Hi Monica, I'm an architect from Brazil. I was looking for some Children's hospital to visit when I go to US. I will do a master course about Architect, and how a like this subject, i will love to talk about Children's hospital.
    I believe the place can change some diagnostics, and makes the sick person even better!
    If you know some others exemples of hospital like that on Texas, Please tell me. I will registre here on My "to do list".

    Thank you só much.