Saturday, April 27, 2013

UNCG Career Services Networking Event: "Reality Check"

On Tuesday, I went to an event by UNCG Career Services called "Reality Check", which was a look into what life could be like after graduation. This event had many alumni from all different departments sharing their experiences and advice with students. It was nice to meet so many people from different departments and fields, including lawyers, software experts, financial advisors, business owners, and nonprofit managers. It was reassuring to see so many young and successful UNCG grads with jobs that they love, which will hopefully be the case for me as well! The advice was a nice push for the end of the semester, with the alumni telling us things like "don't give up because you're almost at the end". It was cool to see what jobs you can get with certain degrees, as well as jobs that were unrelated to a particular person's degree, but still pretty cool, like working with African refugees, the Alzheimer's Association, or a rugby manager. I think that it's important to network with people besides just designers at times, in order to build a diverse professional network as well as meeting potential future clients. I hope to go to more of these "profession-neutral" networking events to meet all kinds of people and make more connections.

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