Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sketch Series 3

                                   Fabric 1          Fabric 2          Fabric 3         Fabric 4

I was very surprised at the extent of the color variation of the fabrics under different light sources. The colors of the material varied significantly from light source to light source. You can see how dramatic the changes in color are yourself by looking at each of the columns above and realizing that each column is the same fabric and color in reality. One fabric can range from green to gray to yellow or orange depending on the light source. Overall the colors seemed the most "true" under 5 pm natural daylight- which is the optimal color rendering quality. Colors seemed very red under halogen lights, somewhat orange under fluorescent light, greenish under metal halide lamps, and bluish under LEDs. This shows what hue of light each of the lamps emit. The colors even varied over different times of day in natural daylight, from grayer in the morning to brighter and warmer in the late afternoon. 

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