Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Our assignment is to choose a sketch from two people in our studio and describe which techniques they used that we want to adopt into our own process of sketching.

A sketch from Paige Hohlt:

I really like this sketch Paige did of her wood system project.  I think what makes this sketch very successful is her skillful use of shading and perspective.  She drew her straight lines very carefully which makes this sketch look very realistic.

A sketch from Pam Vidal:

What I like about Pam's light sketch is the way she captured the water beads on the water bottle. She also paid good attention to the contour of the water bottle itself. The shading under the curves in the bottle make her drawing look more three-dimensional.

My sketches:

This was my shaded twig sketch, I think my shading shows the twig dimension well.

The contour of this twig turned out well and I paid attention to a lot of the detail in the twig.

I think the shadow of this twig that had lichen turned out very interestingly.

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