Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The Final Project


The inspiration for my luminaire was sunlight hitting the fountain outside of the dining hall. My original prototype used only canson and trace paper to make a curve structure that was similar to my original diagrammatic model in my light phenomenon presentation. I then changed direction to a less literal interpretation which used more interesting materials. I used drinking straws to filter the light as well as show the different levels of brightness and curves of the water in the fountain. I started out with reflective paper held up by wooden dowels as the back of my luminaire to reflect light onto the straws. Originally there was only one single row of straws that were attached with only a few holes drilled into the base, the straws being taped to each other. I found that the best way to create the fountain effect and appropriately filter the bulb was to drill two rows of holes all the way around the wooden base. I switched to using poplar wood instead of pine because it is harder and easier to work with on the drill press. I added a third row of straws in front of the bulb to make the light less harsh. Finally, I added feet to the base made from wooden dowels to lift my luminaire off of the table surface and to allow room for the cord underneath. After critique, I decided to use paper to further shade the light bulb which helped to further soften the light in the center of my luminaire.

First base with reflective paper backing

First wooden base with dowels
Original Prototype


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