Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2nd Year Studio Final Critique

I attended the 2nd year studio's final critique. Their project assignment was to design a structure by using a system of folding, experimenting with paper and origami as well as creating models and a presentation board.  I thought two projects were especially successful. One project was a tunnel made out of angular plexiglass modules that was inspired by a human spine. This project was designed so the tunnel could change shape, and sections could be added or taken away. The model was very successful because it was made from a plastic or plexiglass material just like the proposed design and each piece was identical and well crafted. The scale figures were also effective in showing the tunnel's size and how people would interact with it, which was a big issue discussed in this critique.  The graphics in this presentation showed the process very well, but with the final rendering being the prominent focus. Another project used a series of cardboard triangles that were folded and sewn together to make an adjustable tunnel where the user could modify the structure by folding it or changing the number of triangles.  This model was also very well crafted and was demonstrated well with scale figures. The graphic presentation used a series of pictures showing the process like the first project. Overall, the second year students did a good job speaking clearly and articulating how they arrived at their final projects. I think they could have talked more about what exactly their project required and what their goals were.

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