Friday, January 28, 2011

Light Box

Our assignment for this project was to make a five-sided box (12x12x18") with one side open for viewing. By using a remote light source that shines through a series of openings in the box, we were to create a pattern of light [illuminated space] within the box that divided it into four parts. We were then told to articulate and modulate the planes of light using bristol board or bamboo skewers to reinforce or compliment the illuminated spaces. 

I approached this project by experimenting with cutting alternating notches on the top and sides of my box. I wanted to create 4 fields of light that would be projected on both the walls and floor of the space, to think three-dimensionally. Into the project I realized that smaller notches worked better and created sharper and more defined areas of light, so I taped over the larger notches I originally cut. This also made the edges of the foam core more defined. I used bamboo skewers to suggest the idea of columns in the space, which aided in the simple, minimalistic feel I was going for. I wanted the bamboo "columns" to look grand in height so I made my scale figure accordingly.

Final Project with scale figure

first introducing skewers to define the space

Box with original slits and non-point source lighting

The original slits

The starting point

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