Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dining Space: Parti

For my parti, I used my precedents to explain my intentions for how I am going to apply those ideas in my space. I used examples of the warm and cool lights in the dining seating with a picture of ghost chairs that have some tint of color. I wanted to apply lighting to these transparent chairs to create a color effect that corresponds with the seasons. Below I showed how I intended to use the lighted crystal curtain inspiration to choose a chandelier that looks like water droplets. I also wanted to use colored lighting in the chandelier to mimic what will be happening on the chairs. On the lower left corner I included a picture of a modern glass top table and drew a screen on top to show how I intend to bring social media into the space. On the top corner, I found inspiration for a minimal modern sideboard, but for my space I wanted to apply this idea to something built-in.

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