Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Material Value Studies

Final Compostions

For this assignment, I began practicing drawing the materials in my sketchbook in both pencil and pen. By paying lots of attention to detail using photos I took of my materials, my wood, fabric and tile studies turned out very successfully. I had trouble drawing the lines for my carpet study softly enough, but revised my technique to make my lines less harsh and more soft and organic. As I moved on to the final composition, the drawings became much more tedious and time consuming than anticipated (especially the fabric at 1"=1'0" scale), but after much judgement I managed to create a successful transition from dark to light in each of my studies. 

Wood: Hand-Scraped Hickory (Bourbon, Renee Chaput)

Tile: Fritztile, Pearl Gray (White Matrix)

Fabric: HBF Textiles, Andante Encore (846-11 Crema)
Carpet: Sistaltile 2 (101 Speagrass)

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