Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Precedent Studies

In preparation for designing our dining spaces, we were told to pick three precedents: a dining space, a public ritual space, and a social space. 

Dining Space: I picked this particular restaurant because I loved the effect the light created when illuminating the divisions between the seating. The color of light can be changed, which was something I wanted to incorporate into my project to commemorate the summer and winter solstices. 
Morimoto Restaurant, Designer: Karim Rashid (www.karimrashid.com)

Public Ritual Space: I picked the design of the Kodak Theater during the 82nd Academy Awards because I loved the effect created by light shining onto the crystal curtain. It reminded me of a waterfall, and I thought I could create a similar effect using a chandelier, using warm colors for the summer solstice and cool colors for the winter solstice. 
Kodak Theatre (82nd Annual Academy Awards) Designer: David Rockwell (www.rockwellgroup.com)

Social Space: As I was browsing several high-end nightclubs, I came across the Industry Nightclub. Again, the lighting effect is what inspired me to bring into my space...it definitely creates a mood that evokes intimate conversations, which I wanted to achieve in my own space. I also liked the idea of bench seating as a way to make my dining experience more intimate. 
Industry Nightclub, West Hollywood (www.evitaparties.com)

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