Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Social Media Product: The Portal

Imagine coming home, opening the door, and instantly being greeted by all of your friends. The social networking entry door automatically logs a user in when they come home, allowing the homeowner to check what's new on Facebook and Twitter without unpacking their laptop. This will cause a change in the way people transition from being out and about to settling into home life-- they will set down their keys, hang up their coat, immediately check Facebook notifications and tweet, all conveniently within a minute of standing in their entryway. Before leaving home, the user can update statuses of what they are about to go do. This will all happen by means of a touch screen that will be projected onto the entry door when the user returns home and will also automatically log the user off when they leave. If the user's hands are full while entering or exiting, they will not miss out because of the voice post feature of the networking door. While the networking door isn't being used, it will have the appearance of either an elegant traditional raised-panel door or a sleek modern door with horizontal rectangular sections. The internet features can also be accessed at any time by a small button under the door handle.


a modern version

a traditional version

model version, renamed "The Portal"

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