Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blog Post 005: Lighting in the IOB

Talking with lighting designer Scott Richardson last friday helped out group come up with lots of lighting ideas for the Industries of the Blind. One main point he made was making it easier on older eyes, eyes with visual impairments, and even young eyes with great vision by decreasing glare. He suggested we do this by decreasing the difference in inside light and outside light while entering the space by creating a transition that allows the eyes to adjust to different light. We discussed the harsh, hospital-like florescent lighting that is currently in the space and he advised us to look at different kinds of florescent lighting that isn't so harsh. Upon Scott seeing our hexagonal graphic, we discussed backlighting with him as a way to highlight the shapes as well as creating interesting shadows to continue patterns on the floor, walls, and ceiling. He saw our triangular overhang idea as a good opportunity to diffuse light using a translucent material. I also believe that spotlighting should be used when we incorporate a timeline into our hexagon graphic in order to draw attention to the information that Richard and Dave LoPresti wanted to be displayed.

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