Saturday, October 1, 2011

Successful Compositions

This composition was from landscape architect Janet Lee Coleman's website. It has clear hierarchy, the large colored plan on the right is commanding the most attention. This drawing also has the most value, which adds to the amount of attention given to it. She pulled colors from her rendering into the graphic on the left and her border, which is cohesive with the rest of the composition. I chose this composition because  I thought the border and graphics were successful in drawing attention to the drawings. 

Hierarchy is present with the size of the left image drawing more attention than the right images. High value is used in all of the computer renderings in an equal way which makes all of them read clearly.  The designer pulled color directly from the renderings into the background and border which makes for a cohesive look. I chose this composition because of the use of color in a successful way as well as the incorporation of information into the border.

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