Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Post 12: Good Design for All

Something that I believe represents "good design for all" is the Brita water pitcher. These pitchers purify tap water instantly through a small filter enclosing small carbon pellets, forcing the water into a reservoir at the top, so when it is poured out of the spout and into your glass, there is no mercury copper, or chlorine in your water. These pitchers are like having a water filtration plant in your refrigerator, and they are very inexpensive (about $30) and never need to be replaced, only new filters need to be bought every 2 months that cost about $5 each. The low cost of these pitchers and filters make them accessible to just about every household, college dorm room, or office, which is a key factor in the pitchers being a good design for all. One of the best reasons these pitchers are a good design is because it solves the problem of using plastic water bottles that end up in landfills, which promotes sustainability.

The pitchers are not only highly functional, economical, and eco-friendly, but they come in a range of sizes and design styles, to compliment any kitchen's style or color scheme. Aesthetics as well and function make the Brita pitchers objects of "good design".


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