Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Post 13: Scandinavian Design Legacy

Scandinavian modern design has shaped the architecture, interiors, and consumer society of America and around the world. Today in stores like Target and IKEA, simple minimalistic-designed products are mass produced for everyday people at a low cost. Scandinavian design tends to be beautiful, modern, simplistic, and highly functioning.

For example, this "Henriksdal" dining chair from the IKEA website is mass produced in a variety of finishes and upholstery and is very affordable for the average household, ranging from about $60-$100. They are very simple and have clean lines, with no ornamental flourishes, the focus being on the commodity of the chair. Because of its low cost, accessibility, functionality, and beauty as a dining chair in a variety of interiors, this type of chair is seen throughout many retailers and in many homes. In fact, the dining chairs in my house are just like these chairs. Modern design for the masses is the legacy of Scandinavian design. 

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