Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monticello & Fallingwater (extra credit)

I was intrigued by the design of both Monticello and Fallingwater but the most fascinating to me was definitely Fallingwater.  Just by being built over a waterfall made viewing the house absolutely breathtaking. The cantilevered design allowed the views from inside the house to be completely unobstructed and gave the house its very modern appearance. One of my favorite elements was all of the stone Frank Lloyd Wright used in the house, connecting the house to its setting in nature. Knowing that almost all of the interior elements were designed by Wright and getting to view them was an amazing experience, and I appreciated how well everything tied in with the house itself.  I enjoyed all of the history of Monticello and thoughtfulness Thomas Jefferson put into the home, but Fallingwater was my favorite because of its beautiful, detailed, and modern design.

here is a rough sketch of the main floor of the house:

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