Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dining Space: Final Compositions & Model

Our assignment was to design a dining space to host a biannual celebration for International Eradicating Hunger Day in 2015, coinciding with the summer and winter solstices. We were told to incorporate social media to include guests from other parts of the world. The requirement was to design a table, sideboard, and space that will facilitate celebration over food for 4-10 people with international connection via social media. 

I chose to design my space in a New York City apartment. Social media was incorporated through my dining table via a screen that would rise out of 2 glass panels in the base, allowing the dinner party to video chat and have dinner with people all around the world. I used translucent and reflective elements such as the ghost chairs and glass chandelier so when lighting is changed from warm to cool in the summer and winter solstices, it will be captured in these surfaces. I also included a balcony with a glass railing that another screen could be projected out of, allowing the dinner party to go outside and view a fireworks show as part of the celebration while having after-dinner drinks or dessert and still being able to communicate with the international guests. I tried to maximize space in the room by having built-in banquette seating and a built-in sideboard. 

Perspective, Elevation of table area, Social Interaction diagram, Axon, and plan

Dining Table Orthographics

Sideboard Orthographics, Dining Chair selection, and Materials


Back view of the model, showing the proposed balcony

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