Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Writer's Retreat

For our final project, our assignment was to redesign Saint Mary's House on Walker Avenue into a Writer's Retreat for visiting scholars of UNCG's MFA Creative Writing Program. The building was to function as both a semester to year-long living space for a visiting writer as well as a place to hold public readings and meet with students. 

My space is cottage inspired, creating a cozy environment for a writer to write as well as keeping with the historic feel of the building. I achieved this through the use of beams to visually lower the high ceilings as well as softer chandelier and lamp lighting. The furniture also keeps with this more traditional style. As you enter the building, you step into a foyer space with a built-in bench seat so if there is a public reading happening, it will not be disturbed if people arrive late. This can also serve as a place of reflection or preparation for the writer before readings. To the right of the foyer I included the public bathroom that was away from the main public space.  Through the public reading space drawn below is a conference room to meet with students that is separated by sliding panels, so more space can be created for a public reading if need be. Behind the conference area is a semi-private living room and kitchen, and a bookshelf-lined hallway leading to a private office. Across from the office is a private bathroom, and adjacent to the office is the bedroom. One of my main goals in designing the space was to establish an intimacy gradient that would fit the needs of the writer and make living more comfortable. 

Perspective of the Public Reading Space

Perspective of the Office

Perspective of the Bedroom


Longitudinal and Transverse Sections

Model of Saint Mary's House that my group built

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